9 Simple Ways to Be an Extremely Interesting Person

9 Simple Ways to Be an Extremely Interesting Person

“When two interesting people have a conversation, they completely forget to talk about themselves.”

— Ed Latimore

Being an interesting person is no coincidence.

The most interesting people are the most interested people.

Talking about yourself will barely impress people. Yet, that’s what most people do. As a result, they end up being the most boring instead of interesting person on the dinner table.

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If you’re an interesting person, others will love to be around you. They’ll enjoy opening doors for you and helping you out when you feel stuck.

But you don’t need to be perfect to be interesting. You need to have substance. And most importantly, you need to be curious.

Stop Being Lazy

Laziness is boring.

Why should anyone care about you if all you do is spending your spare time watching cat videos?

Nobody will find you creative, talented, or interesting if you don’t put effort into doing something.

Instead of living a passive life and letting your time pass by, take up new hobbies and explore your interests.

You don’t need to be great at something to be interesting; you have to be curious and open-minded. Once you try new things, you can ask people for advice and support. This will make you much more interesting than being lazy.

There’s Nothing More Interesting Than The Truth

So many people try to sound smart or interesting by telling stories that aren’t true.

The reality, however, is that you’ll likely be busted if you only fake it.

Our gut feeling often tells us whether someone’s credible or not, even if we don’t know why we trust them.

Put your ego aside: You don’t need to lie to be interesting.

The more you lie, the easier it will be for others to find your inconsistencies.

Be vulnerable instead. Show your scars.

Be the Change You Want to See

We respect people who make a change instead of just talking about what should be done.

Everybody is talking. But if you want to be interesting, you need to take action.

Talking is easy; doing is the hard part.

If you’re the first one to do something instead of just talking about it, you’ll not only be interesting, but you’ll also be more respected.

Stop Fitting Into One Group

We all enjoy belonging to a social circle.

Yet, picking one single group might make you less exciting and hold you back from experiencing life with all its richness.

By trying to fit into a specific group, you’ll need to give up on your own character and uniqueness.

Different people can provide additional, refreshing perspectives. That’s why it’s so powerful to have conversations with people of various ages and from diverse backgrounds.

The Elderly will teach you life lessons that teenagers might not be aware of. Children, however, can teach you how to be happier and more joyful.

Diversity is fascinating.

You can learn something new from anyone. All you need to do is be open to new relationships and approach new connections.

Do Something That Scares You

If you always do things that are predictable and familiar, you’ll be perceived as boring.

If you, however, dare to do something uncommon, you’ll have exciting stories to share. And this doesn’t even mean doing crazy things. You don’t need to swim with a shark or jump off a plane.

All you need to do is doing the things that you’ve wanted to do anyway.

Sign up for that Spanish class.

Buy that online course.

Paint that picture.

Start doing yoga.

Plan that trip.

Do what’s been scary for years and you’ll have the most exciting stories to tell because you’ll be passionate about them.

Be the Best Listener in the Room

Everyone likes talking, but only few people enjoy listening. That’s why we enjoy being around good listeners.

Talking much won’t make you attractive. Paying attention, however, will help you to stand out from the crowd and build deep relationships.

To be an interesting person, you need to be patient, listen carefully, and pose open-ended questions to show your conversation partner that you care about them.

Being the best listener can make you so much more interesting than being an avid talker.

Stop Following the Masses

As Haruki Murakami once stated:

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”

If you always do what everyone else is doing, you won’t have anything interesting to share.

Explore new restaurants, new songs, and new books. Go on new adventures and make new experiences.

This will not only make you more interesting but also enrich your life.

At the end of your life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do.

Start doing the things that spark your soul instead of wasting your time on stuff that everyone is doing.

Be More Open About What You Don’t Know

Being curious makes you more interesting than acting all-knowing.

Most people try to sound impressive by sharing their knowledge or opinion all the time.

Yet the truth is that acting omniscient will not make you interesting. It will make you seem boring and probably even arrogant.

Instead of pretending to know everything, try to be open about what you don’t know yet. Being a curious person will make you so much more interesting than acting as if you’d know everything.

Last But Not Least: Take It Easy

Sometimes, less is more.

You don’t need to make big, life-changing decisions to be a more interesting person.

But you need to be curious to be interesting. You need to accept that the world doesn’t circle around you and that there might be more to learn and understand than you ever thought.

If you try too hard to be interesting, you might end up being weird. 

Take it easy. Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to show your insecurities and openly communicate your curiosity.

Instead of acting as if you’d know everything, ask more questions, no matter how simple they might seem.

People love talking about themselves. The more interested you are, the more interesting you’ll be.

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