OUR Vision

As Lou Holtz once stated:
"In this world, you are either growing, or you're dying."

That's why we are striving to be your reliable and transparent source of practical advice on personal growth and self-improvement.

We love scientifically proven theories, but what we love even more is breaking them down into advice that is easy to follow and transforms your life.

In short: We are here to deliver everything you need to transform your life and elevate your personal growth one step at a time.

ABOUT THE Founders

Sinem and Philip are co-authors of a book, certified trainers, the co-founders of the Personal Growth Base and partners for life.

Co-Founder, Author

Sinem is a digital entrepreneur, top writer on the world's biggest blogging platform Medium.com, speaker, and mentor. She started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 19 during her studies in business administration and ever since helped thousands of people to step up their game and unleash their full potential.

Co-Founder, Entrepreneur

Philip is an online entrepreneur, speaker and growth coach. He consulted more than 250 founders and startups on their way to starting and scaling their business through business and personal growth advice. On major platforms like Udemy and Skillshare, more than 400,000 students all over the globe joined his online courses.

Our Values & Beliefs

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” ― Robin Sharma


Personal growth is the result of continuous effort in order to improve yourself and transform your life.


We love scientifically proven theories, but what we love even more is breaking them down into advice that is easy to follow and transforms your life.


We take responsibility for all our actions and encourage others to live up to their own responsibilities.


There is no fast track on the way to personal growth. It's a continuous process. You'll never be done.


Our readers know that they are fully responsible for creating their success and happiness. They proactively seek strategies that fit their lifestyle, and they also know they can rely on the Personal Growth Base for practical lessons and hands-on advice.


We love what we do and we are here to support anyone who passionately works on becoming a better version of herself.


Personal growth doesn't need to be hard at all. By using the right strategies, self-improvement can be fun and exciting instead of exhausting.


We strive to bring you techniques, tools, and strategies, from the past and the present, and reveal the key ideas to help you excel in your personal growth.


We, as Personal Growth Base, are delivering our very best in all we do to support and empower our customers on their personal growth journey.

OUR Content

Personal growth is individual and it looks different for anybody. Therefore we are striving to collect knowledge from different sources and deliver actionable advice on several fields.


The foundation for personal growth is a strong mindset. Before you tackle anything else, you need to know that you can have it all in life. We show you how to get rid of limiting beliefs, build unshakable confidence, and manifest your wildest desires through the power of your mind.

Peak Productivity

Why work more if you can work smarter? Productivity is defined as the efficient use of resources, energy, and information. Learn how to level up your time-management, create an environment of peak productivity, and work with a laser focus.

Habit Hacking

Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally but from what you do consistently. Strong habits are the foundation of personal growth and one of our core topics here at the Personal Growth Base. You'll learn which routines can change your life and how to implement them into your daily life with ease.


Being motivated to give your best at all times is not easy. We've also been through motivational lows many times. That's why we love sharing inspirational quotes, stories, and other resources in order to ignite your inner fire whenever you need it.


Personal growth is about creating a life you love and about the ability to spend your time doing things you genuinely enjoy. It's not about the constant hustle. That's why we provide strategies for self-care and an overall balanced life.


We love good books. And we've read many of them. So we decided to share relevant lessons from our favorite readings. You can browse through our summaries and save a lot of time, or you can skim through them and decide which books you want to read yourself.

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